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Services We Offer

We offer at your home repair and offsite repair depending on issue and time involved to resolve the issue. Some of the services we offer. If you do not see your issues described below click on Contact Button and send us brief description of your needs. We can do it all. We’ve done it all at corporate environments. We can definitely do it for you.

Comptuer Repair / Upgrades

Desktop, Laptop and Mac repair. Computer hardware upgrades. Any hardware related issues we fix. Issues with slowness, over-heating, etc.

Virus, Spyware & Malware Removal

If you got virus infection notification. You get lots of pop ups the screen, slow computer, non responsive software issues.

Software issues / installations

New Software installations, updates to existing software.

WiFi and Router setups

We install wifi access, access points and router.

Custom PC Desktop builds: Gaming

You have special gaming requirements. We can build you custom pc to your requirement.

Security Upgrades to Home Network

With hacking jobs you hear on TV we can help you strengthen your existing home network infrastructure. We specialize in Intrusion detection (IDS), pfSesne.

Data Recovery

If you lost/deleted some files, your hard drive crashed we can recover your files.

Android phone rooting & custom rom installs

If you have a need for Custom Rom we can root (give admin rights) your phone to allow custom Roms that allow specialized apps to run with full admin privileges. Certain apps require root access for them to work properly exp:.Lux, Kinscreen

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I've worked in IT Services for over 20 years with focus on troubleshooting hardware, software issues. Installation of networking equipment and worked on building out Network Operations Centers at clients sites. I've troubleshooted all sorts of issues so you can have confidence on successful resolution to your issue. I am Microsoft Certified Professional in software and CompTIA A+ Certified in Hardware.

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